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  • New job and projects in the works
    After graduating from University I found myself working for a local company called Binary Pumpkin. So far it's been a good learning experience. I've had to face challenges that I've not normally come across before when doing things at university. One such thing has been creating a proper video playback texture for platforms like Windows and android within Unity3D. A process which has involved loading and playing a video through a native plugin to create a texture on the GPU and using custom shaders in Unity to render it.

    In my spare time I have started working on 2 new game related projects the first being a game written in c++ using OpenGL 3.3 I started during Ludum dare #30 which the entry can be found
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  • posted 2014-10-25 19:07:44 by Tom Haygarth

    Honours Project and Demo Reel
    I've submitted my final sets of coursework for my University course. Including my honours dissertation project entitled: "Using Artificial Neural Networks for the Visual Sensory of Autonomous Agents in a Real-Time 3D Application." It focuses on using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) as an alternative form of visual perception modelling for AI in 3D video games. By exploiting the pattern recognition abilities of ANNs to recognise objects the AI renders, in a more realistic manner compared to other techniques such as ray casting.

    I will discuss this more in detail after the following friday when my final exam for this semester is done.

    In the meantime I have been preparing for the graduate showcase, and have even produced a demo...

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  • posted 2014-05-23 02:02:35 by Tom Haygarth

    Brains Eden, and post summer updates
    First I would like to start near enough where I left off. That is about the Dare To Be Digital competition. It might be a little obvious now by looking at the entries from this years competition that we didn't get through to the final stages. However it has been really good experience for the team on preparing and pitching games to industry experts. Although not getting through it was a little disheartening I don't believe the it has deterred any of us from applying again the following year.

    At the beginning of the summer the 3 programmers of Table32 Studios spent a weekend in Cambridge as part of the Brains Eden event. We attended workshops and seminars and met from staff at ARM, Sony Guerrilla Cambridge, Jagex, Frontier, Playstation First, a...

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  • posted 2013-09-10 18:09:23 by Tom Haygarth

    Post Ludum, Dare to be Digital, and work
    I've been meaning to update this a little sooner. One of the main reasons being a busy work schedule as of late. With coursework deadlines approaching I've been focusing on that. I will give a short update on things now and provide a proper post mortem of my Ludum Dare experience in a few weeks time.

    So lets start with a quick update on Ludum Dare. It was a fun experience but tiring at the end. I had the idea to experiment with a voxel based cube world, which lead to the design and style of the game Colourless: The Deeds Of Evil Mr. Mono! The world is created from cube voxels in 16x16x16 chunks.
    The idea of the game is to collect 3 colours and shoot each o...

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  • posted 2013-05-09 00:22:28 by Tom Haygarth

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