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  • Name:Tiny Town Traffic Technician
    Tiny Town Traffic Technician is a game for the HTC Vive produced during the Global Game Jam 2017. It was developed by Steven Taarland and myself during the 48 hour jam. We're in the process of polishing up the game for a bigger release.

    Tiny Town has employed you, Regular-Sized Person, to direct the flow of traffic. Hold up your stop sign to tell individual cars and people to stop. (Don't worry cars behind will try and slow down) You will be docked some of your pay if you cause any crashes though. Be careful though those little cars hurt if they hit you so try not to get hit yourself.

    Available: here Platform: [win]

    Name:Lost in the club
    Lost in the club is a rough prototype I started making for the Rainbow Jam 17. It's a multiplayer game about being the first person to find their friend in a club (Where's Waldo style!) The game uses a mixture of a game executable and a web browser to allow multiple people to interact with the game. I used a mixture of html and Javascript for the web interface, the Go Language to create a webserver that servers the client webpage and interfaces with the game and Unity/C# to create the game executable.

    Available: here Platform: [win]

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