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  • Name:Demo reel 2014

    Available: N/A Platform:

    Name:Micro Arcade Factory
    Micro Arcade Factory is a fast paced minigame marathon game built for the Samsung Note mobile/tablet devices. Were players complete a random assortment of minigames in quick succession until they lose. With each minigame they complete in a row increases the speed of games.

    Originally created under the team name of Table 32 Studios for the Samsung Student Developer challenge 2012. It was a pretty fun project to undertake and the 24 hour codeathon that we undertook during the competition proved to be a valuable learning experience.

    My role was mainly writing, maintaining and optimising the underlying framework that selected and ran the minigames. Creating the base class that all minigames used, an audio manager to handle music and sound effects, as well as providing ways to access hardware like the devices microphone.

    Available: here Platform: [android]

    Name:Bathletics '93
    Developed during the Global Game Jam 2014 Bathletics is a simple game were a team of 3 bathletes hurtle along a race track leaping their bathtub over obstacles and collecting gold medals.
    Available: here Platform: [android]

    Name:Game Jam: Time detectives
    This is a game concept I developed during the Ludum Dare 30 game jam. It started out as an experiment to play around with a 3D framework I'm working on and is currently being development further in my spare time.

    There are multiple worlds stuck in different time frames converging together. As a time detective you have been hired to figure out the cause and stop them for collapsing space time as we know it.
    To do this you can travel between worlds using your tape player by playing music from that era, but you can only remain there for as long as the track is still playing. Once it reaches the end you get pulled back in to the world you where originally in.

    In this demo I was testing out moving from present day to a 1940's-50's Noire era.


    W,A,S,D : movement keys

    E : play the Noire Music

    Mouse : look around

    Note: You can change the screen resolution via the config file in the config folder, as well as setting it to full screen by setting fullscreen to 1. It should open with a normal txt editor

    All Music heard in this demo is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


    Available: here Platform: [win]

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