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    After graduating from University I found myself working for a local company called Binary Pumpkin. So far it's been a good learning experience. I've had to face challenges that I've not normally come across before when doing things at university. One such thing has been creating a proper video playback texture for platforms like Windows and android within Unity3D. A process which has involved loading and playing a video through a native plugin to create a texture on the GPU and using custom shaders in Unity to render it.

    In my spare time I have started working on 2 new game related projects the first being a game written in c++ using OpenGL 3.3 I started during Ludum dare #30 which the entry can be found here It originally started as a learning experience playing around with OpenGL and building a useful framework basis as well. Currently I'm working on implementing an octree system for rendering and collision detection. I plan to create a tool that splits the polygons of a .obj file an octree to allow for easy level creation.

    The second project is one to further my understanding of web technologies, more so with javascript and WebGL, which I'm going to be hosting on this site as soon as I get a working build. I plan on getting a prototype build up and slowly work on improving it over time. The first thing I've learnt so far is that there's no standard form of classes so I've had to make them out of functions and there isn't any form of #include for .js files there is the option to include the files in the html page one after another, but I believe they're parsed aschronously so if it hasn't finished parsing a file required by another then it could break. Instead I'm using a bash script that combines all the .js files together for the time being.

    Working at Binary Pumpkin and on these projects has increased my interests in graphics programming as well as things like audio programming (I know I didn't really mention much about it this time but I did implement a little audio in the c++ game, and I plan on exploring various 3D audio programming techniques.) I plan on writing more about these projects in the coming future and should hopefully give them a proper introduction next time.

    posted 2014-10-25 19:07:44 by Tom Haygarth PostID# 18