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    First I would like to start near enough where I left off. That is about the Dare To Be Digital competition. It might be a little obvious now by looking at the entries from this years competition that we didn't get through to the final stages. However it has been really good experience for the team on preparing and pitching games to industry experts. Although not getting through it was a little disheartening I don't believe the it has deterred any of us from applying again the following year.

    At the beginning of the summer the 3 programmers of Table32 Studios spent a weekend in Cambridge as part of the Brains Eden event. We attended workshops and seminars and met from staff at ARM, Sony Guerrilla Cambridge, Jagex, Frontier, Playstation First, as well as people such as Ian Livingstone who gave the Keynote address and hosted a panel with the BAFTA games committee. The weekend was also spent taking part in a 48 hour game jam competition where I worked with a great group of people from Splitpath Studios. We worked on a game for an android tablet using the Unity3D engine. Unfortunately we hit some unforseen complications in the final few hours resulting in a broken build when it came to final submission. It was a really fun experience though and after not using Unity that much it was a nice refresher in how it works.

    Recently I have acquired myself the new MacBook Air. It has taken a few days to get used to but I am liking it. The battery life is remarkable and it is useful and comfortable enough to use when I am travelling to and from Dundee. The rest of the summer I've been working on and off a project that I should be able to reveal some more details about in the near future.


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