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    I've been meaning to update this a little sooner. One of the main reasons being a busy work schedule as of late. With coursework deadlines approaching I've been focusing on that. I will give a short update on things now and provide a proper post mortem of my Ludum Dare experience in a few weeks time.

    So lets start with a quick update on Ludum Dare. It was a fun experience but tiring at the end. I had the idea to experiment with a voxel based cube world, which lead to the design and style of the game Colourless: The Deeds Of Evil Mr. Mono! The world is created from cube voxels in 16x16x16 chunks.
    The idea of the game is to collect 3 colours and shoot each one at Evil Mr. Mono who is a grey cube that tries to catch the player. Unfortunately there is a chance the player may spawn next to him resulting in a premature game over, and I ran out of time to add a restart game function.

    As part of a team I have also entered the Dare to be Digital competition which is an international game development competition held over 9 weeks. The main prize is being nominated for the BAFTA "Ones to watch" award (more details about Dare to be Digital can be found here.) Our team is called Lunar Light Studios and we are planning to develop a game called Orbital Assault. Our game pitch video can be seen below.

    For Dare to be Digital teams are placed through a selection process consisting of an initial application requiring a 5 minute pitch video, and if successfully chosen they are then invited to give an interview/presentation to decide if they are selected for the competition. We have currently made it through to the interview stage with our interview taking place tomorrow. Its a pretty exciting moment with some pretty exciting prospects.

    So I'll be back soon with more updates and possibly some more site changes in the next coming month or two. Until then I'll be focusing on coursework.


    posted 2013-05-09 00:22:28 by Tom Haygarth PostID# 14