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    So it's been a while since I've last posted an update. Near the end of last year I entered the Samsung Student Development Challenge with 3 other friends under the name of Table 32 Studios. For the competition we have been developing an app for the Samsung Note 1/2/8/10.1 devices called Micro Arcade Factory. Judging begins on the 11th March so we're all pretty excited and anxious on how it will go.

    Micro Arcade factory is a minigame marathon series inspired by games like WarioWare where the idea is to play through an assortment of randomly selected games in a quick fire fashion that only gets faster as the more minigames are completed.

    We recently submitted our entry to the Samsung app store along with an update containing more games to play and a local multiplayer where players pass the device around to between minigames to see who is the last player standing.

    Micro Arcade Factory is available for free on the Samsung app store here.

    I will also be working on improving the visual style of the site as well as working on adding more pages to the site such as a projects page while considering if the backend of the site should be modified to support editing them aswell and how the best way to go about such a task.

    I'm also planning to experiment with storing images within a database to see if I can create some kind of gallery functionality (not necessarily a gallery.) That can make it possible for me to display images properly on the site. I'm currently considering writing a cgi program in c++ to scale an image down and encode it to base 64 and store it as a string in the database. Then use some good ol' fashioned HTML to display it as an image.

    Well thanks for reading and I hope to keep the site updated more often. I will also be posting how well we get on in the Samsung Student Dev Challenge soon.

    - Tom

    posted 2013-03-11 03:53:07 by Tom Haygarth PostID# 12