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    I've been a little busy recently with university coursework and various little things so I haven't really been updating the website. Since I had finished for the summer I decided to take a little break but now I'm back. Over the next few days I plan to add more functionality to this site with the recent addition of a main "Blog" page. This will provide easier access to all previously posted blogs.

    I'm also contemplating adding more functionality to the back-end by adding the ability to create pages onsite rather than having to upload a new page. This though would more be an experiment into making such a thing and probably not be much of a priority. I'm just a bit curious how well I could put it together and how easy/difficult it would be to make it fit for several page layouts.

    I will be putting up some examples of work I have recently completed too as well as post more information on previously mentioned projects. Hopefully there will be more to talk about and much more changes and updates around here.

    Thanks for reading =D

    posted 2012-06-15 01:07:29 by Tom Haygarth PostID# 11