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    Over the past few weeks I've been looking into various things for my coursework and other personal projects. Learned a little bit about the git version control system as well as refreshing myself with svn. For one of my coursework projects I have to write a game for the PS2 involving some sort of pseudo 3D effect. For which I have decided to attempt the ray-casting method used by id Software most notably in their Wolfenstein 3D and original Doom games. Which is looking to be an interesting technique that I'm hoping works out pretty well.

    Working with What A Twist is proving quite fun with weekly meetings to discuss progress of our project as well as general discussion of ideas. The meetings are such a good laugh too from discussing little things to random abstract ideas. We plan to get the basic core functionality done as a small demo before the summer and possibly the more abstract ideas added shortly afterwards. Currently we have some pretty interesting mechanics and its starting to come into shape.

    Something I've found pretty exciting recently is the game engine Unity which has provided a free version of it's engine and tools to small developers. Last week it was announced that until the 8th April the basic versions of Unity for both Android and iOS are free. So I've recently signed up for a licence for both iOS and Android versions.

    As well as that I've been thinking more about my two mobile based games (currently targeted at Android.) Thinking of how their gameplay could be suited and designed to work on a mobile devices. One of them is a platform based adventure game. The other being based around the player being some sort of god-like being affecting the world below. The latter I plan to develop using Unity for Android (and hopefully Unity for iOS at some point.)

    There are some other projects I have been working on too. I had been developing extra things for the website preferably one that would allow thumbnails to be generated from image links; which I plan to write in c++ which I'm hoping would reduce loading of images so I could think about uploading more. As the photo from a few weeks ago is scaled in the php out of proportion using the HTML image code it doesn't reduce the image size it loads so the image that is loaded is the same file size as the one it links too which I want to fix.

    posted 2012-03-11 18:28:25 by Tom Haygarth PostID# 10